Deum Ampil Newspaper May Reopen Soon, Director Says

The director-general of the Deum Ampil News media center, which closed its doors last week due to money troubles, may split from the group’s owner and reopen the newspaper Deum Ampil News using a different source of funding, he said yesterday.

Soy Sopheap, who headed the media center, said he plans to raise the money to restart operations as soon as possible.

“I plan to reopen my Deum Ampil newspaper and I will ask my supporters for funding to help me to do that soon,” he said.

“I heard that another party has plans to reopen the newspaper but it will not be called Deum Ampil,” he said. “There is a problem by law if someone else uses my newspaper’s name.”

Mr Sopheap was referring to Sieng Chanheng, who owns DAP media center and who said yesterday she may indeed reopen the paper under a different name.

“I will not leave my employees out of work and I am still busy figuring out how I can help them,” said Ms Chanheng.

She declined to comment on the funding troubles that Mr Sopheap claimed last week led to the closure.

The pro-CPP media group began publishing its newspaper in late 2006, later adding a radio station and a magazine to its media holdings.


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