Deputy Director of Economic Police Demoted

The first deputy director of the economic police department has been demoted to staff member of the personnel department at the Ministry of Interior, ministry spo­kes­man General Khieu Sopheak said Monday.

Khieu Sopheak declined to com­ment on exactly why Colonel Nhim Kim Nhol was demoted except to say “if he did not commit any major mistakes, then his job would not have been changed.” Mao Chandara, chief of staff at the Ministry of Interior, also indicated Nhim Kim Nhol broke some rules. He declined to elaborate.

Nhim Kim Nhol denied that he was demoted, noting he still retained his colonel ranking. “I’ve only changed jobs,” he said.

He said it was difficult to say why his job has been changed and declined to comment further.

The economic police department is responsible for collecting taxes from businesses. Some local newspaper reports alleged that Nhim Kim Nhol used his position for personal gain.

But Son Sokna, deputy director of the Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce, said he wasn’t aw­are of complaints from businessmen.

Khieu Sopheak would not say whether businessmen had filed com­plaints against Nhim Kim Nhol, except to say that some people are bound to be angry because it’s the economic police department’s job to collect taxes.


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