Deadline Extended To Pay Road Tax

The deadline to pay the 2008 road tax has been extended by 10 days to Nov 25 to make up for time lost in the Independence Day and Water Festival holidays, the Ministry of Finance announced.

All car and motorcycle owners must submit to the tax, payment of which is proven by a sticker placed on the vehicle. Those who haven’t paid will be fined starting Nov 26, the ministry said in a statement dated Nov 7.

“After the extended deadline, [tax sticker-free] vehicles will be fined double the original price,” said Ching Savorn, chief of the tax department’s Phnom Penh branch.

The road tax, payable in any commune’s tax office, ranges from 3,000 riel to 17,000 riel for a motorcycle and from 100,000 riel to 1,000,000 riel for a car depending on engine size, he said.

Motorbike drivers interviewed said they had to pay not just the road tax, but also a service fee to officials at the tax office.

“All the motos with 125cc engines have to pay the same-6000 riel,” said Som Oeun, a 40-year-old moto driver, adding he had paid 4,500 riel for the actual tax and 1,500 for “writing service.”

Motorbike driver Pech Kear, 37, gave the same figures.

“If we compare to last year, it seems easier. We don’t have to bring along documents such as the moto license, and this way is really comfortable for us,” he said.

Ching Savorn said taxpayers should not be charged more than the official rate.

“If you know the name and ID of the official who overcharges, tell us. We’ll call and re-educate them because overcharging the fee is against regulations,” he said

However, charging an extra 500 riel was acceptable, as it would cover the fee to transfer tax revenue to the national bank, he added.

SRP lawmaker Yim Sovann said authorities should set up a procedure to punish corrupt tax collectors but also increase their wages to reduce the temptation to take bribes.




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