DC-Cam’s Khmer Rouge Data to Be Digitized

More than 1 million documents and photographs relating to the Khmer Rouge period held by the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) will be scanned and uploaded to a new online storage system to ensure the historical records are preserved, the center’s deputy director said Thursday.

DC-Cam, with support from USAid, will work with local telecommunications firm Ezecom to digitize photographs and documents that will be put into the digital storage system.

Multiple servers in different locations will be used, with real-time backup, in order to protect the data, according to a press release from Ezecom. Dara Vantham, deputy director of DC-Cam, said the inevitable decay of physical documents prompted the decision to go online.

“It’s important for preserving the history of Khmer Rouge…for future use by young generations to learn about our Khmer Rouge history,” he said.

“We [also] want to publicize these records as much as we can to the public, to the world, to learn, to share this information regarding the genocide in Cambodia.”

Mr. Vantham said the project is due to be completed in a year’s time.


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