Dance Reveals Cultural Connection With India

The Indian Ministry of Exter­nal Affairs is producing a television documentary on the historical links between Cambodia and India that still are reflected in the countries’ cultures today.

Ranjana Gauhar, a filmmaker and one of India’s most famous dancers, visited Cambodia over the past week to shoot the Cam­bo­dian portion of the 55-minute English-language program.

Entitled “Nectar in Stone,” the doc­umentary uses dance to illustrate similarities between India and Cambodia’s cultural traditions, she said at an April 20 news conference.

Ranjana Gauhar, a master of the Indian Odissi dance style, said she had been interested in Cambodian classical dance for a long time. “The body language is very beautiful,” she said.

Since arriving April 16, Ranjana Gau­har has filmed classical dance prac­tices at the Royal University of Fine Arts, and a special performance at Chatumok Theater April 19.

The event’s program, which featured Odissi dance by Ranjana Gauhar and Cambodian classical dance by artists from the university, had been planned for the purpose of filming, said IA Alfred of the Indian Embassy in Cambo­dia. He said it was organized in cooperation with the Cambodian Minis­try of Culture and Fine Arts, which is supporting the documentary.

Ranjana Gauhar and her film crew spent three days shooting in Phnom Penh, and then moved on to Siem Reap, Alfred said. They are filming Cambodian dancers in the Angkor Archeological Park, he said.

On Wednesday, Ranjana Gau­har will return to India to film the Indian portions of the documentary. It should be completed near the end of May, she said.

A Khmer language version will then be produced and shown on Cambodian television, said Al­fred.


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