Currency Exchange Means Money for Mosquito Nets

The Cambodia Daily Mosquito Net Campaign has gained another international partner in its battle against malaria. Travelex, the world’s largest currency converter, has teamed up with the campaign to convert all manner of currencies into real dollars that can go toward the purchase of life-saving mosquito nets.

Taking foreign currencies from more than a dozen donation boxes around the world, Travel­ex has so far converted more than $700 for mosquito nets, without charging a commission.

“This is an excellent opportunity to associate the Travelex name with an important cause such as yours,” said Lloyd Dorfman, chairman of Travelex.

With the help of the London-based company, which has more than 600 branches around the world, including those at major airports, the mosquito net campaign can ensure that any currency donated will go directly toward the purchase of mosquito nets.

Each net costs $5, and will cover a family of three while they sleep at night, when malaria-carrying mosquitoes are out.

Over the next six months, readers and donors to The Cam­bodia Daily Mosquito Net Cam­paign’s charity boxes in hotels, restaurants and em­bassies are invited to continue donating their unwanted foreign coins and notes.

That includes the 12 European currencies that have been discontinued through the introduction of the euro.

These notes or coins can be exchanged via Travelex and is a great opportunity to save three lives for $5.

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