Culture Ministry Asks Video Star to Scale Back Sexy

A music video star was summoned to the Ministry of Culture on Tuesday to be “educated” about appropriate clothing styles after photographs of her wearing a daring sheer dress ignited debate on Facebook last week.

Denny Kwan, 23, who has worked as a video actress for about a year, said the ministry called her in and “asked me to cut down my sexiness.”

“He educated me like a daughter,” she said of the lecture she received from Secretary of State Thai Norak Satya.

“He told me that my clothing affects the values of Khmer women and Khmer culture and asked me to be appropriately sexy—not too much,” added Ms. Kwan, who wore a midriff baring off-the-shoulder white top to the ministry.

She said she would take Mr. Norak Satya’s advice into consideration but reserved the right to keep dressing sexily.

Mr. Norak Satya confirmed that the ministry had ordered Ms. Kwan to come in after seeing people arguing on Facebook over her attire.

“It was additionally a chance to educate her about how to perform appropriately as an artist and a daughter of the Khmer in Cambodia, who have had good culture and customs for a long time,” he said.

“Wearing sexy is not against the law, but it could be against the likes of the public.”

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