CTN Apologetic After ‘bin Laden’ Email Threat

A person identifying himself as Osama bin Laden on Thursday emailed the project director of a Cam­bodian television series ac­cused by some Cham Muslims of being disrespectful to Islam, or­der­ing her to stop broadcasting.

The Cambodian Television Net­work series, “Manpower and Des­ti­ny,” has been taken off the air in res­ponse to the email, the program’s Project Director Poan Phoung Bopha said Friday.

“We are worried and afraid…. We didn’t intend to look down on anybody, we feel sorry,” she said.

The email asked Poan Phoung Bopha if she understood Islam.

“You are making Islam in Cam­bo­dia and all over the world do some­thing against you and [CTN],” the emailer wrote. “Do you want something to happen to you and your family?”

“Cambodian Muslim[s] will fight back…some days,” the email warned.

Poan Phoung Bopha said the email was not written by bin La­den.

“It’s fake. Maybe they just want to threaten us,” she said.

Kit Meng, CTN president, de­clined comment on Fri­day.

“Manpower and Destiny” began airing three times a week starting Jan 31 and depicts two tourists from Malaysia and China.

Jakya Adam, secretary of state for the Ministry of Cult and Re­li­gion, on Thursday accused the show of ridiculing the sacred places of Islam.

The bulk of the controversy was generated by the portrayal of the Chinese character as hardworking, while the Malay Muslim is shown to be lazy and idiotic.

“We didn’t promote the Chinese character and demote the Mus­lim character,” Poan Phoung Bopha said.

“We don’t mean to say the Mus­lim character is lazy,” she added.

(Additional reporting by William Shaw)



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