Crack Appears in Chinese-Built Bridge in Stung Treng

One of the pillars holding up a major bridge in Stung Treng province, which was built by China in 2008, has begun to crack, deputy provincial governor Duong Pov said Sunday.

Mr. Pov said the crack in the 900-meter-long Cambodia-China Sekong Friendship Bridge was about one meter below the surface of the Sekong River.

“The Sekong bridge was built by a Chinese company about seven years ago, but we just found out it was cracking about three days ago,” said Mr. Pov.

He said the provincial department of public works and transport had inspected the cracked pillar and was preparing a report for the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

Mr. Pov said local officials hoped that the ministry would contact the firm that built the bridge to assess the damage soon.

“We do not know if it is cracking on the inside or the outside of the bridge’s pillar,” he said.

“Only the Chinese company and the Transport Ministry can resolve this case.”

Before the bridge spanning the Sekong was opened in Stung Treng, the river could only be crossed by boat.

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