CPP Seeking Demo Permit

CPP members from Kandal province said they have applied to hold a demonstration on the streets of Phnom Penh.

A statement signed by Tep Ngorn, deputy president of the CPP in Kandal province, said the protest would have 40,000 dem­onstrators in vehicles driving through the streets for five days.

Mann Chhoeurn, chief of cabinet for Phnom Penh Municipality, said he had seen the Kandal application and passed it on to the Ministry of Interior.

However, his boss, First De­puty Governor Chea Sophara, said he had not seen any applications, and would not approve them.

“I am not going to allow it, because two demonstrations at the same time with contrary purposes would cause big problems,” he said. “We will ask them as CPP supporters to wait until the opposition demonstration is finished.”


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