CPP Officials Applaud Phnom Penh Finish

CPP officials have found much to be proud of in the election results.

Othsman Hassan, the CPP’s sixth candidate in Phnom Penh said the election in the city was free and fair. He noted that the CPP maintained the four seats it won in the 1998 election, with Sam Rainsy Party gains coming at Funcinpec’s expense.

“Although we won about four seats in this election, we got more votes than in 1998,” he said Mon­day. “In Phnom Penh we are still very proud.”

“To sum up, CPP is still victorious,” Othsman Hassan said.

In a news conference at the Hotel Inter-Continental, Issei Inoue, a Japanese man who has served as an educational adviser to Prime Minister Hun Sen since March 2002, said the election was democratic, free and fair.

He reached these conclusions after his eight-member team ob­served the elections, he said.

He said he has observed Cam­bodian politics for 15 years. “The election went smoothly according to [the values of] dem­ocracy, freedom and fairness.” he said.

“In the past Cambodia has faced a lot of crises, and moving from a crisis to peace is extremely difficult.” Inoue said. “In the process toward peace, Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen has made important sacrifices.”

Inoue said the elections were a step toward peace, stability and development in the country.

“The important thing is to build a safe and balanced society,” he said.

“Except in Phnom Penh, the CPP won all [the provinces],” he said. He also noted that the CPP increased its vote totals in many provinces as Funcinpec won fewer votes than he expected.


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