CPP, CNRP Resume Negotiations Over Deadlock

Long-running negotiations between the ruling CPP and opposition CNRP over the post-election political deadlock resumed Thursday with an hour-long meeting in Phnom Penh between senior members of the two parties, according to opposition lawmaker-elect Kuoy Bunroeun.

Mr. Bunroeun said he met with Prum Sokha, a CPP secretary of state at the Interior Ministry, at an undisclosed location in the city in order to relaunch talks after the two parties almost reached a deal early last month.

“It was about an hour-long meeting where we exchanged our ideas about electoral reform in relation to the 14 points the two parties had agreed to in the previous meetings,” he said. “But we didn’t go too much into detail on each point since it was an unofficial meeting.”

Mr. Sokha could not be reached to confirm details of the meeting.

A series of private talks between Mr. Sokha and CNRP chief whip Son Chhay earlier this year led to a direct telephone call between Prime Minister Hun Sen and opposition leader Sam Rainsy early last month.

Both leaders said all that remained to end the post-election deadlock was to select a new date for the next national election, but Mr. Rainsy publicly rejected Mr. Hun Sen’s offer of a February 2018 election.

Mr. Bunroeun declined to say when the talks will resume.

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