CPP: Our Party Is Now Stronger Than Ever

With the appointment on Wed­nesday of 121 new members to the CPP’s powerful Central Committee, officials said on Thursday that the CPP stands stronger and that the committee now more fully rep­re­­sents Prime Minister Hun Sen’s ruling party.

Sok Eisan, newly appointed Central Committee member and Director General of Apsara TV, said the committee had to be enlarged be­cause the CPP now has more than four million members.

“The increase in supporters re­quired larger leadership from the Central Committee’s structure,” he said, adding that the many new members would tie the party closer together nationwide.

According to documents handed to CPP officials at the three-day CPP congress, which ended Wed­nes­day, the number of members in the Central Committee has gone from 44 in 1985 to 268 with the latest appointments.

Out of the 827 officials present at the congress, 802 voted for the new committee candidates.

The documents stated that the en­largement was made because “several Central Committee members were reshuffled from one position to another, which left several ministries, institutions, regions and armed forces without any Central Committee members.”

Ieng Vuth, former Khmer Rouge Foreign Minister Ieng Sary’s son and first deputy governor in Pailin, said the appointment of Pailin governor Y Chhean was due to his great achievement in the region.

“The achievement Y Chhean made was to rejoin national reconciliation and stop the fighting,” Ieng Vuth said.

Another of the new committee members, Prak Sokhon, a CPP member since 1985 and a Council of Ministers secretary of state, said the Central Committee had an important task “to help strengthening the party at all levels.”

“The most important role [of the committee] is to follow up on what the congress has decided we have to do in the coming years,” he said.

“The Central Committee is the core part of the party. Being a member means you have been chosen for your loyalty and competence.”


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