CPP Congress To Start Today

The ruling CPP will hold its biannual two-day congress starting today. Party officials say the session will focus on strategies for victory in the Feb 3 commune council elections.

The National Assembly will not meet for those two days, as most CPP parliamentarians are members of the party’s central committee.

Heng Samrin, the CPP’s honorary president and National Assembly vice president, told reporters the congress is a routine event at which members assess their past performance and make plans for the future.

Heng Samrin said the CPP is working hard to keep the election free from violence or political intimidation. He also said all criminal offenses must be condemned, regardless of which party is affected by them.

He said three CPP senators were recently ousted from the party and the Senate because they deviated from the party line.

“The CPP has clear principles, statutes, and policies to follow, and whoever does not follow the line must be punished,” he ex­plained. The three had op­posed a party-sanctioned bill revising the penal code.


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