COVID-19 travel: Korean Air Cambodia to LAX via Seoul; what to expect (video)

As some governments across the globe gingerly reopen air routes in an attempt to reignite trade and allow citizens to return home, the requirements for travelling between any two countries in an era of an easily transmissible coronavirus in the wild are subject to change with little or no notice.

To add to the confusion some government are doing a worse than poor job on detailing their national requirements, with one person saying one thing, a different official something else, and a third version reported in government mouthpieces. Unsurprisingly misinformation and incomplete information abounds.

In the video above posted to YouTube by Kelsey Sry on June 7, the videoblogger describes the procedures and processes leading up to and during her flight from Phnom Penh to LAX via Seoul on Korean Air.

In full:

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