Court Questions Union Members Over Brawl

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Friday questioned two members of the Free Trade Un­ion (FTU) over a complaint filed against them for attacking members of another union during pro­tests at a factory in June, a unionist said.

However, Mann Seng­hak, an adviser to the FTU, said Pov Srey­pov and Lay Sokha told the court that they were in fact at­tacked by members of the Khmer Union Fed­eration of Workers Spir­it (KUFWS)—who filed the complaint against them—at the SH Factory in Pur Senchey district when they refused to join a strike.

“Some workers did not join the strike and they were going to work normally,” Mr. Senghak said.

“The [KUFWS] side beat up three workers from the FTU, who were in­jured and knocked out,” Mr. Seng­hak said.

He added that the FTU had also filed a complaint against a KUFWS member over the attack, but that the subject of the complaint was never summoned for questioning.

Represen­tatives of KUFWS and the municipal court could not be reached for comment.

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