Court Postpones Inquiry of Indonesian Thief

Questioning of an Indonesian man who has admitted to robbing $161,000 from a casino in Kandal province where he worked was postponed Friday because the suspect arrived late to the Kandal Provincial Court, the chief prosecutor said.

Lim Sokuntha said that Jefry Sun, who was handed a police summons as he attempted to board a plane to Jakarta last Thursday, had arrived at the court shortly before 5 p.m. 

“He came outside the time that the court works, so we have delayed until Tuesday,” he said. “Whether he comes or not, that is up to him.”

Indonesian Ambassador Pitono Purnamo has blasted the Grand Dragon Resort casino and provincial officials for a lack of transparency in the case, which saw 16 Indonesians temporarily detained by the resort.

Muh­sinin Dolisada, a first secretary at the Indonesian Embassy, disputed the prosecutor’s version of Friday’s events.

“Jefry arrived at the court around 2 p.m. and there were no high-ranking officials, only administration staff, who registered his arrival and rescheduled for Tuesday,” he said.

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