Court Postpones Appeal for Disbarred Lawyer Lawyer Lawyer’s Appeal lDisbarred Lawyer’s Case

The Supreme Court on Tues­day postponed the appeal trial of lawyer David Chanaiwa, the Cambodian-American who was disbarred July 17 after the Cam­bo­dian Bar Association found that he had violated the association’s code of conduct.

The trial was scheduled to review a long-standing list of complaints about Chanaiwa’s behavior reaching as far back as his 1999 application to the Bar.

Supreme Court Judge Dith Mun­thy said he deemed Chanai­wa’s case too confusing to be considered on Tuesday and rescheduled the case for trial on Sept 17.

The Bar Association found in July that Chanaiwa had violated the code of conduct by advertising his services via e-mail and practicing law during an 18-month suspension, which Chanaiwa denies.

Bar Association President Ky Tech said Chanaiwa’s participation in union negotiations at the Terratex Knitting and Garment International Factory Ltd will lead to the lawyer’s ultimate demise. Failed negotiations between workers and management led to a strike, which spiraled into a deadly riot in June.

In May, Prime Minister Hun Sen said he believed Chan­ai­wa’s behavior could compromise US support for Cambodia’s accession to the World Trade Organ­ization and its valuable garment quota.

Chanaiwa said Tuesday he will appeal again if the Supreme Court rules against him.

, because the Bar Association introduced new evidence in the July 17 hearing. Ky Tech denied that any new evidence had been presented.


Ky Tech said the case was likely postponed because Chanaiwa’s ele­gant attire and proud character are uncustomary in Cambodian courtrooms.



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