Court Interviews Villagers Over Arrests of Leasing Company Repo Men

Four villagers have been interviewed by the court over the arrests of four men from leasing company Akchalnak Trop LOD, who allegedly brought an ax to the Kampong Chhnang village to repossess a motorbike with overdue monthly payments.

The village — Kampong Ba Srov Tboung in Cholkiri district’s Cholsa commune — held a series of meetings late last week to talk over the incident as well as the fear the villagers carry about leasing companies and microlenders confiscating their possessions.

“I told them not to be frightened,” recounted village chief Dum Sakhorn, saying there were 30 to 40 people at each meeting. “Our brothers and sisters do not have to worry. Microfinance and private lenders cannot confiscate whatever they want. … They have to follow the government’s decisions.”

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