Court Completes Investigation of Sok Bun Beating

A court investigation into the brutal beating of a female television personality by real estate magnate Sok Bun is complete, a lawyer and a Phnom Penh Municipal Court official said on Thursday, though neither knew when hearings would commence.

Mr. Bun was arrested in July, two weeks after security footage went viral showing him dragging Ek Socheata, better known as Sasa, across a restaurant table by her hair, slamming her to the ground and delivering a savage beating as his bodyguard stood by with a handgun drawn.

The tycoon, who was stripped of the honorific “oknha,” faces five years in prison.

“The investigation of this case was closed about two weeks ago but I don’t know if a date has been set for the hearing,” said Hing Bunthan, the deputy prosecutor handling the case.

Puth Theavy, a lawyer for Ms. Socheata, said she only had as much information as the prosecutor.

Mr Bun fled to Singapore after the footage went public, returning to face arrest only after Prime Minister Hun Sen publicly called for him to do so.

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