Council Mulls Pollution Law

The Council of Ministers Friday adopted a sub-decree aimed at banning air pollution and noise disturbances in order to improve public health.

The sub-decree would ban the release of inflammable, radioactive and/or chemical substances into the air, water or ground, according to a statement issued by the Council of Ministers. Manufacturers would be required to notify the Ministry of Environment before any unusual release of waste material.

Importers of flammable substances such as gasoline would be required to provide the Min­istry of Environment with a list of such poisonous chemical components as lead, hydrocarbons, benzene and sulfuric acid.

The Ministry of Environment would report and seize evidence of any possible offense. The Council of Ministers also stated that any officials conspiring with offenders should also be brought to justice.

Last July, the Council of Ministers adopted a 34-article sub-decree aimed at cracking down on pollution-producing factories and requiring environmental impact assessments of major projects.



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