Confronting Cambodia’s Waste Management Challenge

The country, especially its capital, has long had a problem with waste that needs to be addressed.

Is it finally coming to an end? For almost a decade, Phnom Penh’s City Hall and the Cambodian government have issued almost annual rebukes of the services provided by Cintri, a private-firm that in September 2002 was given an exclusive 47-year contract to manage trash collection in Phnom Penh. Each day, Phnom Penh produces about 3,000 tonnes of rubbish – 600 tonnes of which is plastic waste – yet Cintri has become something between a laughing stock and a bête noire of the capital’s residents. Former Phnom Penh governor Kep Chuktema once threatened to dump the city’s trash outside of Cintri’s headquarters if the firm didn’t improve its operations.

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