Computer Problem Gives Sure Bet, But Closure Confusion Stirs Worries

Due to a computer glitch at Cambosix Tuesday, a handful of astute football gamblers were able to cash in on bets placed on a game that had already ended.

As a result, the Russian first division match between Dinamo and Uralan was left on the betting table for more than an hour after the final whistle had sounded, Cambosix Marketing Executive Chan Davy said.

Devious gamblers, most of whom learned of the results on the Internet or by word of mouth, placed bets on the correct final score of the game and won $8 for every $1 they bet.

Dinamo beat Uralan 1-0.

Chan Davy said employees were tipped off to the mistake when scores of gamblers showed up to place large sums of money on the correct final score.

Complicating matters was the fact that Cambosix was closed Wednesday for a previously scheduled post-World Cup day of rest for its staff.

The closure was announced on fliers posted on June 27, but gamblers who showed up Wednesday morning spread rumors that the company had “closed and run away,” Chan Davy said.

Cambosix, the only legal sports gambling establishment in Cambodia, paid the gamblers their winnings when the company reopened Thursday morning.

“This was the company’s mistake, and the company bears the responsibility to pay the clients.” Chan Davy said.

Chan Davy said she did not have exact figures on how much money Cambosix lost, but said “the losses will not affect the company, they were not severe.”

Two of Cambosix’s nine branches will remain closed for equipment repairs, but will reopen within a week, Chan Davy said.


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