Complaint Filed Over Vandalized SRP Sign

An opposition SRP member filed a complaint with the Na­tion­al Election Committee on Friday al­leging that three men in Bat­tam­bang province’s Mong Russei district had vandalized a sign displaying the party’s name on Tues­day. Since November, there have been 17 cases of local au­thor­i­ties preventing SRP supporters from mounting signs in the province, said Sao Chandeth, acting chief for the SRP in Battambang.

SRP supporter Gnum Palli, 40, said he had erected the opposition party sign about a year ago, but on Tues­day night he went out­­side his house to see three men destroying the sign with large sticks. After see­ing Mr. Palli, the three suspects fled.

Mr. Palli said he suspected there was political motivation behind the sign being destroyed ahead of the commune elections in June.

“There are many cases of threats made toward the Sam Rainsy Party, es­pecially as we move closer to the na­tional elections,” said Out Choeun, another SRP member in the province.

Mong Russei District military police chief Kuth Heang said that the three men in the case were local residents Nang Nith, Veth Long and Nang Neang.

Mr. Heang said the sign had not been targeted for political reasons. Instead, he said, a fight be­tween the men had broken out and the sign was damaged in the process.

“They fought with each other by throwing pieces of rock as well as wooden sticks after coming from a wedding party,” he said.



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