Committee Formed on Lost Funds Fu Formed Look Into Port Money at Port

A committee headed by a government official will soon begin investigating the disappearance of more than $210,000 in funds from the Phnom Penh Port Auth­ority, officials at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport said this week.

“I will question both sides and investigate the work system at the ports,” Public Works and Transport Undersecretary of State Tan Sinto said Wednesday. “But this has been a difficult case…as there has been no evidence up till now.”

Minister Khy Tang Lim said Wednesday that he expected the committee’s investigation to be completed within one month. He said irregularities would be ad­dres­sed by a disciplinary committee that would refer the case to the Justice Ministry.

According to ministry officials, the port authority discovered about $55,000 missing from the port treasury in September. In November, cashier In Sin­ang was suspended after signing a letter indicating the money was lost because of his technical errors.

But in a letter dated Jan 2, In Sinang recanted, claiming he was forced to sign the letter by port authority deputy directors Hei Bavy and Ieng Veng Sun. The Jan 2 letter also claimed that an additional $160,000 was missing from the port treasury and had been pocketed by the deputy directors.


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