Commerce Official Resigns To Work at WTO

Commerce Ministry Secretary of State Sok Siphana said Mon­day that he has resigned his post with the government in order to take up a position with the World Trade Organization in Geneva.

Sok Siphana will start a new position as a director of technical cooperation and coordination at the International Trade Center and begin working on the problems of underdeveloped countries.

“The Prime Minister an­nounced my resignation to his cabinet on Friday…. I received a wonderful letter from him saying he is proud that a Cambodian has been selected for the WTO position,” he said.“My last day in the government is Aug 31, and I will begin work there [Geneva] on Oct 1.”

Reflecting on his 6 years in government, Sok Siphana said that the highlight was Cambodia’s ac­cession to the WTO in 2004.

“If Cambodia implements all the things it has committed to in the WTO, its economy will be in good shape to reap the benefits of globalization,” he said.

Sok Siphana said the major chal­lenges facing Cambodia are solidifying its laws and increasing the capacity of industry to export.

“His energy and intelligence will certainly be missed,” Bretton Sciaroni, president of the Inter­na­tional Business Club, said of Sok Siphana’s departure.

Sciaroni, however, said relationships between Cambodia and the international business community should not suffer because of his absence.

One Asian diplomat said:  “He is known to be a reformer and was a good interlocutor for the diplomats and international community to work with. He is known to be someone that the donors can work with. It is a pity that he is going away.”



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