Commerce Ministry to Launch Magazine Soon

The Ministry of Commerce will begin publishing a news magazine early next month to promote its activities and provide information on market developments, an official said Wednesday.

Mao Thora, a secretary of state at the ministry, said the magazine—the first run of which will include 5,000 copies—would be published in Khmer and distributed on a quarterly basis.

“We want to do it because nobody knows about our work,” Mr. Thora said.

“People just see some news and information in other media like Facebook, but they don’t know about other things like the government’s policies…the business environment, market trends, [and] private-sector development,” he said.

Samath Veasna, an executive member of the Cambodian Rice Federation, said he was pleased with the decision to launch the periodical.

“The Commerce Ministry has a role in facilitating and helping find markets for agricultural products…so it is good that it will publish the magazine,” he said.

In May, the National Police began printing a daily newspaper focused on crime and security, while in June, the Interior Ministry’s immigration department announced plans to launch its own news service.

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