Coffee Chain Costa to Open Shop Next Month in Phnom Penh

The U.K.-based coffee chain Costa Coffee will join the mix of new coffee shops in Phnom Penh when it opens its first branch in Chamkar Mon district next month, a representative of the international brand said yesterday.

Rami Sharaf, CEO of RMA Cambodia, which represents international brands in Cambodia such as John Deere, Dairy Queen and Ford Automotive, said that Costa is set to launch a branch in Boeng Keng Kang I commune on the corner of Street 51 and Street 294, with the possibility of expanding later on.

“We are proud to have convinced the second-largest brand in the world to come to Cambodia and regionally as well,” he said, adding that RMA has obtained the rights to Costa in Thailand and Laos as well.

“Cambodia is a bigger part of the picture…and in terms of total number of outlets globally, Costa finishes number two only to Starbucks, so that’s pretty good,” he said.

According to the Costa website, the company has 1,479 coffee shops across the U.K. and more than 860 outlets abroad. Costa will join the slew of new locally owned upscale cafes that have opened in recent months in Chamkar Mon and Daun Penh districts.

Bun Leang, operational manager of the locally owned coffee chain Brown Coffee and Bakery, which opened its fourth branch along the riverside in April, said there is plenty of room for new cafes despite an increasing number cropping up across the city.

“I think that the coffee market is getting bigger, so whereas Costa could possibly affect our business, I am optimistic that any new chains coming in is good for the market and introducing a certain quality to customers,” he said, adding that revenues at Brown Coffee are growing between 10 to 20 percent a year.

“Phnom Penh has a young but growing coffee culture with only 10 percent the number of shops in places like Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh, but we are catching up,” he said.

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