CNRP Urges Police to Find Motive in Activist’s Murder

Opposition CNRP lawmaker Ke Sovannaroth on Thursday called on police to investigate whether there was a political motive in the killing of a party activist in Siem Reap province’s Puok district on Wednesday night.

Sen Nak, 43, was found dead Thursday in a field near his home with an air-gun wound to his head after going out to hunt rats the night before, according to Ms. Sovannaroth.

“We have not yet concluded whether this case was politically motivated and we are waiting for the investigating police,” she said.

“The investigating police need to find the real murderers, and if the police cannot find them, it is an injustice for our CNRP activist.”

The lawmaker said Sen Nak was an unsuccessful Sam Rainsy Party commune election candidate in 2012 and was slated to run again for the CNRP in the next ballot in 2017.

District police chief Tep Pumsen said it was clear only that Sen Nak was murdered.

“This case is premeditated murder,” he said. “Our district police are burning both hands and legs to find the killer.”

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