CNRP Told to Stop Fundraising in Public

City Hall sent a letter to the CNRP this week telling the party to stop using public spaces in Phnom Penh to solicit donations for the country’s first opposition television station.

The letter, dated Monday and signed by deputy municipal governor Mok Vansitha, said that fundraising for Sun TV in public areas was “affecting public order.”

City Hall spokesman Long Dimanche said Wednesday that the decision was not political.

“They did fundraising in public without asking permission from the local authorities, so to avoid disrupting public order, we asked them to stop doing that and move the activities to private places or their party’s offices,” he said. “We do our duty as local authorities, and it is not related to politics.”

Acting CNRP spokesman Ou Chanrith said the party—which he said had now raised about $500,000 for the planned station—was not happy about the order but would comply with it.

“We don’t want to confront [the municipality] over this trivial kind of thing.”

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