CNRP Takeo Commune Candidates Questioned in Incitement Case

Six CNRP commune election candidates accused of incitement after an argument in which an opposition supporter called a CPP supporter “stupid” were questioned at the Takeo Provincial Court yesterday, with two saying afterward they refuted the allegations.

The opposition candidates face accusations of “public defamation, public insults and incitement to commit a felony” over the confrontation in May, when 20 CNRP members allegedly stopped a ruling party rally. Video footage of the altercation shows an opposition supporter calling a CPP loyalist “stupid” and appearing to accuse the ruling party of murder.

Contacted after their court appearance, two said they denied any wrongdoing.

Sun Voeun, 31, who was not mentioned in the initial warrants, claimed she was not at the scene of the dispute.

“They asked details about what was happening at that time. I told them I was not there. I was looking after my children at home,” she said, adding that she had recently given birth. Another of the defendants had earlier said that Ms. Voeun was giving birth around the time of the confrontation.

“I requested the court to stop summoning me because I know nothing about the case,” she added. “I am really scared.”

Sok San, another CNRP candidate who was elected as a commune councilor, also denied the accusation against him.

“They asked me on the election campaign whether I used violence. I responded that I did not use violence against anyone,” he said.

Deputy prosecutor Tep Monin confirmed that he had questioned the six suspects but declined to comment further.

“Please ask the people who were questioned,” he said.

The six now await a decision from the court. They could be summoned again, charged or have the case against them dropped.

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