CNRP Raises $200K for TV Station in First Weekend

More than $200,000 was raised over the first weekend of a CNRP campaign to raise the funds necessary to allow it to launch the country’s first opposition-aligned television station by the year’s end, opposition leader Sam Rainsy said Sunday.

Prime Minister Hun Sen last year pledged to allow the CNRP to set up its own station, and on Saturday morning the party began fundraising at its Phnom Penh offices.

“Over the last two days, we have collected at least $200,000,” Mr. Rainsy said Sunday afternoon.

“By the end of the day, I think we will be approaching about $250,000.”

In order to raise about $1.5 million, the party has been both accepting donations as well as selling $1,000 rights to future share offerings from the station.

“The donations have not just been from single persons; it has been entire villages of hundreds of people who come together to contribute and then send a representative,” Mr. Rainsy said.

“For people who are better off, they have bought one, two or three of the ‘rights to future participation,’” in the company, he said.

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