CNRP President Sam Rainsy Sentenced to a Further Five Years in Prison

CNRP President Sam Rainsy and two assistants who worked on his Facebook page were sentenced to five years in prison on Tuesday as accomplices to an opposition senator who cited a false border treaty in a video criticizing the government.

Presiding Judge Leang Samnath handed down the verdict on Tuesday and ordered the arrests of Mr. Rainsy and the two assistants, Sathya Sambath, who was accused of producing the video, and Ung Chung Leang, the manager of Mr. Rainsy’s Facebook page.

The three defendants are currently living in France.

Judge Samnath said the two assistants would only have to serve three years of their five-year sentences, without explaining the decision.

The case stems from opposition Senator Hong Sok Hour posting a video last year in which he discusses a document said to contain a key mistranslation of a 1979 treaty appearing to show Cambodia and Vietnam agreeing to dissolve their shared border.

The senator received a seven-year prison term last month for forgery and incitement over the post, in which he criticized the government for losing large swaths of land to Vietnam.

Mr. Rainsy has been living in exile abroad since late 2015 to avoid prison time in a separate case involving a defamation conviction over his claims linking Khmer Rouge crimes to Deputy Prime Minister Hor Namhong. The government has since banned him from returning.

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