CMAC Claims Allegations of Ethical Transgressions Baseless

By Phat Phearak

Concerning Thursday’s story “CMAC Closes Probe into Fire Amid Allegation of Corruption,” which contained groundless and misleading information, I would like to provide the following clarifications: The article mentioned that “the investigation closed and found no wrongdoing.” Actually, the investigation into the fire at the CMAC workshop is still in progress.

The article also mentioned “$1 million in replacement parts for equipment were purchased by workshop managers the day before the fire, but the purchase could no longer be documented as all the files were destroyed.” This is baseless: first, there had been no such spare parts purchase made. Second, there is neither such a large amount of budget nor a procedure to allow this alleged purchase to happen. Third, in general, such files cannot be destroyed; CMAC has a clear documentation and control system at its Phnom Penh Headquarters and where transactions occur.

It is very regretful that the article came out at a time when we are already deeply saddened by the fire, which heavily damaged the central workshop and equipment. At the same time, this baseless allegation aims to discredit CMAC.

Phat Phearak, Chief of Secretariat, Cambodian Mine Action Center, Phnom Penh

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