Club Shooter Charged On Two Counts

Following the shooting and wounding of two security guards outside the Manhattan nightclub in Phnom Penh on Monday morning, the suspect, 31-year-old Chao Rainsey, was charged on Thursday at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

“The court decided to put him in pretrial detention on charges of illegal possession of a weapon and intentional violence with aggravating circumstances,” El Pidor, a clerk for Investigating Judge Lim Makaron, said on Thursday.

Mr. Makaron declined to comment on the case. Khen Sovann, deputy Phnom Penh military police commander, confirmed the court’s decision to detain Mr. Rainsey, but declined to comment further.

The two victims, Kang Chetra and Dum Thy, were still recovering at Calmette Hospital on Thursday.

“My husband is getting better but the doctors are still keeping him in the emergency room because he cannot yet eat food,” Mr. Chetra’s wife, Seng Lichien, said on Thursday, adding that Mr. Thy’s condition was also improving.

Mr. Rainsey is accused of having shot more than 10 rounds from an AR-15 assault rifle after being denied entry to the club.

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