Cleaners at Phnom Penh’s Airport Return to Work

More than 100 cleaners who walked off the job at Phnom Penh International Airport on Monday to demand higher wages went back to work Tuesday after they were promised a raise, according to two of the workers.

“In the morning, there were negotiations between us and the HCC Company that subcontracts our work for Phnom Penh International Airport, and we agreed to $135 [per month] because they don’t want us to protest longer,” said Hong Socheat, one of the cleaners.

“We went to work this morning after the negotiations,” she added.

According to Ms. Hong and another worker, Inn Sakada, cleaners with more than five years’ experience will receive a $25 increase to $135, while less experienced staff will get a $20 raise to $110.

Last week, the cleaners asked for $138 and $128, respectively. But their request went unanswered over the weekend and they protested outside the terminal’s entrance on Monday.

Representatives of HCC could not be reached Tuesday, and a request for comment sent to Cambodia Airports went unanswered.

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