Civil Party Says Ethnic Tolerance Prevailed in Village

A civil party told the Khmer Rouge tribunal on Thursday that his half-Vietnamese sister-in-law faced no prejudice within their village in Prey Veng province before she was taken away with her five children for a “study session” by Khmer Rouge cadres.

Under questioning by Khieu Samphan’s international co-lawyer, Anta Guisse, Lach Kry said his brother’s wife, Sum San, had peacefully coexisted with her Khmer neighbors in Po Chen Dam village prior to her disappearance in 1977.

“In my relation with her—with my sister-in-law—nothing strange happened.

She had a normal relation with me and with other Khmer people.

No brawls, no arguments or conflicts within my family or within the community that she lived in,” Mr. Kry said via a video link from Prey Veng district.

“No one hated her. She was [a] very socialized person and popular within the village.”

Pressed by Ms. Guisse about “any discussions or reflections by people that could have betrayed some prejudice vis-a-vis the Vietnamese” in the village, Mr. Kry reiterated that he had not witnessed any.

“No, I never heard of such a thing,” he said.

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