City Hall Plans Penalty for Pet Poop in Parks

Beginning Tuesday, dog owners who let their pooches relieve themselves in Phnom Penh’s most popular parks will be discouraged by signs, with fines to follow for those who fail to heed the warnings, according to City Hall.

Sum Samuth, chief of the municipal parks bureau, said he would erect a total of 22 signs in Hun Sen Park, Wat Botum park and the park in front of the Royal Palace, as well as on the riverside promenade.

“I am going to put up the signs banning dog poop in the parks. We just finished creating the dog poop signs,” he said, adding that 11 of the signs would be planted at Hun Sen Park Tuesday.

The signs, which feature an image of a dog and a written warning, will be installed to “educate” residents, but repeat offenders could face fines, Mr. Samuth said.

“The park guards will educate people who bring their pets to the parks before fining those who do not respect the signs,” he said.

Strolling along the riverside in front of the Royal Palace on Monday evening, 42-year-old housewife Sang Sokhon said she was unconcerned by the new rules.

“This is my first time bringing her here,” Ms. Sokhon said, motioning to a squat, shaggy canine at her feet.

“It is a good idea, but my dog is disciplined and nevers poops or pees anywhere, so it doesn’t affect me.”

Riverside fruit seller Horm Vich Panha, 21, said she disposed of her short-haired companion’s excrement throughout the day.

“He goes on this grass, but I always clean it up,” Ms. Vich Panha said, adding that she welcomed City Hall’s clampdown.

“It’s a good idea, because a lot of dogs do their business here, and many tourists come here.”

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