City Hall Hires Security Guards For Capital’s Parking Program

In an effort to reduce traffic congestion in Phnom Penh, City Hall yesterday introduced new regulations in a section of the capital that limits to two hours the amount of time vehicles may park on city streets.

Security guards from SKY Se­curity Service Cambodia Co Ltd have been hired by the municipality and assigned to Charles de Gaulle Boulevard to implement the new parking regulations, according to a statement issued by City Hall on Tuesday.

The first hour of parking along Charles de Gaulle is free, while a charge of $5 will be levied on owners who park their four wheeled vehicles for more than an hour, the statement said. If the owners park their vehicles for more than two hours, they will be towed, according to the statement.

“So far we have seen traffic congestion stemming from an increase in the number of vehicles in the city and especially from anarchic parking,” the statement said.

“City Hall expects your understanding and participation to implement the traffic law to comply with the slogan: ‘Pretty city because traffic is in order.’”

Motorcycle owners will also face parking fees of between 500 and 10,000 riel to park up to four hours and will face towing after that time period, according to the statement.

Deputy municipal governor Chre­ang Sophan said enforcing the new parking regulations on Char­les de Gaulle is just the first step as City Hall hopes to introduce similar restrictions throughout the capital.

“We are working to organize the vehicles away from anarchical parking,” he said, adding that the city does not hope to profit from the fees charged to drivers but to discourage them from leaving their cars for extended periods of time along busy streets.

Pheng Samnang, one of 14 SKY security guards who are monitoring the parking along Charles de Gaulle, said yesterday afternoon that so far no vehicles had parked there for more than one hour.


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