City Governor Cautions Officials on Building Codes

Phnom Penh governor Pa Socheatvong on Monday warned local construction and cadastral officials that they would be fired if they failed to ensure that buildings throughout the city are constructed to the size specified in their plans.

“I request the right to remove and replace [officials], which will enhance the responsibilities of our officials at the lower levels,” Mr. Socheatvong said during a ceremony at City Hall to formally hand over power to the new director of the municipal land management department.

“There are a lot of…buildings that are illegal. For example, we allow them to build 10 stories, but they build 12 stories. We allow them to build, for example, 500 square meters, but they build 700 square meters,” he said.

The governor blamed a lack of communication among local land management officials for such transgressions.

“If the construction and cadastral officials do not act as the arms of the districts and City Hall, what do they do?” he said, adding that while the municipality had previously singled out individual builders, the role of district construction officials was key to ensuring that structures were built to code.

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