City Dresses Up Riverfront

The city expects thousands of people to descend on the Tonle Sap’s waterfront for November’s three-day Water Festival, and officials are taking measures to protect the open areas in front of the Royal Palace.

The city has hired a small local company—so small it has no name—to plant grass and flowers, build a platform and seats on the riverbank, and then erect a fence to protect it all. Fewer than 20 workers were busy this week beginning the project, which is expected to be completed days before the festival, First Deputy Governor Chea Sophara said.

The fence is made of high-quality metal that should last as long as 200 years, said one worker. However, city officials refused to vouch for the longevity of the fence, which could be destroyed when hordes of locals and tour­ists will crowd the riverfront during the festival.

“Some part of the park will be destroyed by people,” Chea So­phara said.

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