Chinese Supplies for RCAF to Arrive Soon

The Chinese government this month will send $1.5 million worth of donated construction materials to equip the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, Neang Phat, director-general of the General Depart­ment of Defense Services, said Sunday.

RCAF will use the supplies, most of which are steel and roofing materials, to build military barracks for RCAF, Defense co-Minister Tea Banh said Sunday.

Neang Phat said although RCAF needs more supplies, the assistance from China is greatly appreciated. “We will use those materials to build better and more modern barracks for soldiers as there are in other developed countries,” he said.

Some of the supplies from China will also be used to build soldier camps as part of the demobilization process, Neang Phat said.

Officials agreed on the aid in March during a visit to China by Tea Banh and his co-minister Prince Sisowath Sirirath.

RCAF Commander-in-Chief Ke Kim Yan made a follow-up trip to China to discuss details of the aid in October. The aid and the visits are another opportunity to streng­then ties between Cambo­dia and China, defense officials said.

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