Chinese National Beaten to Death in Lynching

A Chinese national was fatally beaten by a mob and another seriously injured while allegedly trying to steal a car Monday evening, Chamkar Mon district police said.

Yi Singli, 48, and Gou Chunli, 41, were walking in the middle of a road with four other men in Boeng Keng Kang 1 commune when they were asked by a driver to get out of the way, according to Teap Kum, deputy district police chief.

The group became angry and started kicking the driver’s car before taking his keys and starting to drive off, Teap Kum said. The driver demanded the keys back but was refused and began shouting for help, police said.

Several bystanders arrived, pulled Yi Singli and Gou Chunli out of the car and began beating the two men, while the other four escaped.

Yi Singli was killed and Gou Chunli was injured in the melee, Teap Kum said.

“Now when they arrest a thief they always beat him to death and the police do not know how to stop the mob,” Teap Kum said. Police said before the attack the driver phoned police but fled the scene after Yi Singli was killed. Authorities, unsure if this was a clear case of robbery, continue to investigate the incident, Teap Kum said.


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