Chinese Men Framed With Bullets, Fake Drugs

Anti-drug police on Monday released three Chinese nationals arrested in Phnom Penh on Sunday after determining that a white substance in their possession was not crystal methamphetamine, as had been previously suspected.

Van Kosal, a bureau chief at the Interior Ministry’s anti-drug department, said police arrested the three men at the Chea Ly Hotel in Tuol Kok district, where they found a bag full of a white substance and 50 bullets for a Glock pistol.

However, Brigadier General Kosal said that an investigation had revealed that the bag actually contained Tiger Balm, and that both the bag and the bullets had been planted in the room by three other men involved in a business dispute with the Chinese nationals.

“In fact, they are not involved with drug and ammunition smuggling,” Brig. Gen. Kosal said.

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