Chinese Man Charged With Drug Smuggling

A Chinese national from Hong Kong has been charged with drug smuggling after he was arrested last week at Phnom Penh International Airport with 2.15 kg of a white, powdery substance concealed in dozens of condoms strapped to his skin, authorities said.
Chhay Bunna, an Immigration Police official based at the airport, said Monday that Ngai Siu Sang, 42, entered Cambodia on Sept 19 and was arrested as he attempted to depart for Hong Kong on Sept 23.
A search of Sang uncovered the powder stuffed into 26 condoms that were hidden beneath his clothes in sophisticated pouches that were strapped un­der his armpits and crotch.
“When we checked him, he cried, and we were suspicious,” Chhay Bunna said. After the ar­rest, the substance was sent to the Interior Ministry for analysis, Chhay Bunna said.
Khut Sopheang, a Phnom Penh Municipal Court deputy prosecutor who is dealing with the case, said he was too busy to comment on Monday.
A second court official familiar with the case said Monday that Sang was charged on Satur­day with drug trafficking. How­ever, the court official said it was not yet clear what substance the man was smuggling. “It is still under investigation,” the official said.
Interior Ministry Anti-Drug Department officers contacted Monday deferred questions re­garding the drug seizure to airport Immigration Police.
So far this year, airport police have discovered three people carrying drugs beneath their clothes. Only one such case was found in 2002, Chhay Bunna said.
International anti-narcotics agencies note that an increasing amount of drug shipments enter Cam­bodia from the Golden Tri­angle—the notorious drug production zone located in the lawless area between Burma, Laos and Thailand.
Graham Shaw of the local UN Of­fice for Drugs and Crime said ear­­­lier this month that between 10,000 and 50,000 methamphetamine pills are smuggled from Laos each month down the Cam­bo­dian section of the Mekong River. Around 50 kg of heroin are believed to follow the same route each month, he said.

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