Chinese Fund Temple Work

The Chinese government on Thursday signed a $1.25 million agreement to fund the restoration of an Angkorian-era temple in Siem Reap.

China will help repair the Chau Say Tevoda temple, located just outside the eastern gate of Ang­kor Thom, one of the main temples in the 12th-century complex.

The temple restoration is China’s first on a heritage site outside China, said Chinese Ambassador Yan Ting Ai at the signing ceremony.

The project is expected to take five years, according to a statement. Work began a year ago with preliminary studies of the architecture and stone work, said Ang Choulean, a representative from Apsara Authority.

The ambassador noted that China has little experience on non-Chinese heritage sites, and its experts will need cooperation from the Cambodian government as well as patience.

France, Japan and India have all helped restore parts of the sprawling complex.


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