Chinese Couple Charged Over Massage Parlor Trafficking Case

A Chinese couple arrested last week during a police raid on a massage parlor were charged at the municipal court on Tuesday with unlawful recruitment of wo­men for exploitation.

On Friday afternoon, municipal anti-human trafficking police raided the Boeng Keng Kang III commune massage parlor in Phnom Penh’s Chamkar Mon district and arrested the owners, En Yung Chor, 56, and his wife Chang Chean Fang, 44, according to anti-human trafficking police chief, Keo Thea.

During the raid, they also took five women, all Chinese nationals, into custody and sent them to the foreigner unit of the municipal police.

“We doubted it was a massage parlor and believed people were paying for sex and the owners were trafficking humans from China to Cambodia,” said Mr Thea.

According to Mr Thea, the court charged the couple on Tuesday and they are in pretrial detention at Prey Sar prison. The five Chinese women, however, were let go, said chief of the mu­ncipal police’s foreigner unit, Mom Sitha.

According to Mr Sitha, the five women had been in his custody but he said that he released them after he found that they were all in the country legally.

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