China to Donate $3.5M For Senate Office Space

The Chinese government has agreed to donate $3.5 million to build a ninth building inside the compound of the Senate on Norodom Boulevard, Senate Secretary-General Oum Sarith said on Tuesday following the signing ceremony in Phnom Penh.

“This building will have three floors totaling 1,500 square meters,” he said.

The building will include offices for Senate President Say Chum, First Vice President Ney Pena and Second Vice President Tep Ngorn—all ruling CPP stalwarts—along with meeting rooms and other offices.

Mr. Sarith said the request for funding was made during Prime Minister Hun Sen’s state visit to China in October and that the new building was needed because the existing facilities no longer provided sufficient space.

“The Senate has received support from the Chinese government more than 10 times, totaling $19 million,” he said, explaining that previous assistance included office stationery, cars and access roads within the compound.

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