China Rewards Immigration Police With Computers

Three days after 168 Chinese nationals were arrested by immigration police for running an Internet scam from Sihanoukville extorting money from people in their home country, the Chinese Embassy on Tuesday donated 100 computers to the Interior Ministry’s immigration department.

Sok Phal, chief of the department, said in a speech thanking Ambassador Bu Jianguo for the computers that they would be useful in helping police ensure that Chinese nationals comply with Cambodian law.

“First, this will help investors and tourists, secondly it will help Chinese investors and migrant workers comply with the law,” he said.

“Thirdly, it will help the department deal with bad people.” Ms. Bu said it was an honor to make the donation.

“All these computers are given with deep emotion from the Chinese Embassy to Cambodia’s immigration department,” she said through a translator.

“We are happy after having seen the leadership of His Excellency Sok Phal…in working hard to cooperate actively with the Chinese side to crack down on crime across countries and arresting suspects in Cambodia.”

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