China Makes Election Donation

The Chinese government on Thursday donated office material worth $20,000 to the National Election Committee to provide technical support for the July 27 general elections.

The material includes six computers, six laser printers, 10 fax machines, one digital camera, 80 packs of copy paper, six print cartridges, 10 fax cartridges, 100 floppy disks, 156 notebooks and 576 ballpoint pens. The equipment was given to the NEC’s public information bureau—a new, Ger­man-funded facility designed to provide public access to election-related material and to house NEC news conferences.

NEC President Im Sousdey said China’s donation was one vi­tal element of a smooth election. “I strongly believe that the Chi­nese government and Chinese associations will continue good cooperation with the NEC, as well as continue to donate more,” he said.

Chinese Ambassador Ning Fukui said during the hand-over at NEC headquarters that he hoped the office equipment would help promote efficiency there and ensure transparency in the elections.

“I hope the third national election will be carried out smoothly in a harmonious, impartial and free atmosphere,” Ning said. China is also due to send a team of election observers to Cambo­dia in coming weeks, the ambassador said.

In the 1998 general election, China donated 27 jeeps to the NEC to transport election staff to the provinces.

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